After-sales service


Service Introduction

Consultant Services

Our consultant team is professional and has many years of experience. We fully understand the real estate market in various places and the needs of customers, provide customers with the latest information on properties, and find the most suitable investment options for customers.

Property Sale

We can take customers to the site for field inspections and find properties they like. Our professional consultants will assist customers to complete the transaction as soon as possible, maintain close communication with customers, and update the transaction progress and property construction progress in a timely manner, so that customers can feel at ease.

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Legal Consulting Services

We have a good relationship with lawyers from all over the world, and provide professional lawyer consulting services to ensure that the entire transaction is protected by law. If there are any legal problems, we can also refer lawyers to serve you.

Mortgage Advisory Services

We can provide mortgage referral services according to the financial situation and needs of customers, and arrange the most suitable and most favorable mortgage plans for customers, helping customers to buy houses easily.

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Repossession Service

We can provide a local professional team to provide customers with building inspection services before taking over the building to ensure that the customer can ensure the quality of the property before taking over the building. We can also accompany the customer to the local building to help the owner complete the taking over process easily.

Lease Management

Whether it is a property purchased from our company or an existing property that you want to find a leasing company to manage, we can provide customers with comprehensive rental management services and property management, so that customers can collect rent with confidence.

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Property Resale

We provide Japanese property listing services, provide customers with professional advice and analysis, assist in finding buyers, and sell on conditions satisfactory to customers to achieve maximum benefits.

Tax Consulting

Each region has different tax issues. We have a good understanding of local taxation, and will explain and solve tax issues for customers in detail, so that customers can feel more at ease.

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