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Choose your favorite property in Thailand

First of all, we will search for the most suitable property according to the customer's purchase conditions and capital budget.

Register the reserved unit and pay the deposit

If you encounter a suitable property, you will pay a deposit of 5%-10%, depending on the developer or the price of the unit. When signing the document for the reserved housing unit, make sure the terms are clear.

Pay the down payment

The buyer needs to pay about 30% of the property price to the developer first, and sign the sales contract.

Acceptance unit

When the buyer receives the notification from the developer, he can go through the formalities of taking over the building within the specified time.
When taking over the property, the buyer can choose to personally or appoint a third party to go to the actual purchased unit for quality inspection.

Requisition expenses: prepayment of one-year management fee, one-time maintenance fund, water and electricity meters, and deed tax on handover (about 1% of the property price).

Pay the final payment

The buyer pays the balance to the developer according to the time stipulated in the contract.

If you buy an existing building, the final payment must be completed within two days, and the uncompleted property will be in accordance with the date specified by the developer


When the project in Thailand is completed, the property title certificate will be issued and the transfer procedures will be completed in about three to four weeks. After the buyer gets the key, the transaction of the project will be completed.

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