Privacy Policy

SAKURA JAPAN(HONG KONG)PROPERTY LIMITED & SAKURA GLOBAL PROPERTY LIMITED are committed to protecting the personal data submitted by customers and trying to comply with the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.


The following types of personal data are collected:

1. Your personal contact information, such as name, phone number, address and email address;

2. Your gender and age/date of birth;

3. Other relevant information about your membership account opened with

SAKURA JAPAN(HONG KONG)PROPERTY LIMITED & SAKURA GLOBAL PROPERTY LIMITED (see the relevant registration form for details).


The information collected from customers will only be used for the daily operation of relevant services, including but not limited to: other services provided by SAKURA JAPAN(HONG KONG)PROPERTY LIMITED & SAKURA GLOBAL PROPERTY LIMITED from time to time; for customer inquiries, suggestions, and complaints. Processing and follow-up; conducting service opinion surveys to better understand customers; notifying members of membership benefits and benefits of SAKURA JAPAN(HONG KONG)PROPERTY LIMITED & SAKURA GLOBAL PROPERTY LIMITED Information on membership services and product promotions; and other matters related to any of the above matters.


SAKURA JAPAN(HONG KONG)PROPERTY LIMITED & SAKURA GLOBAL PROPERTY LIMITED may modify this statement at any time. After such statement is updated, if you continue to use this website or services or do not delete your account with our company, you have agreed to the changes in the privacy policy. If you object to any amendment, you should immediately terminate your membership account and services.


Purposes for collecting personal data (including but not limited to):

1. Provide you with relevant services;

2. Verify your account identity;

3. Process orders and handle other service-related requests for you;

4. Analyze, verify and/or check your credit and/or status in order to provide you with relevant services;

5. Design the services you need;

6. Provide customer service to customers;

7. Conduct market research, statistics and behavioral analysis to provide you with information that better meets your needs;

8. Conduct internal audits;

9. Make disclosures in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations;

10. Directly promote the products and services of the Company and related companies.

11. Provide you with regular information, including details of relevant offers and relevant rewards.


Storage of data

When you conduct business with us, we will save your online transaction records for audit purposes. Our general policy is to keep such information for a reasonable period of time. We do not provide facilities for you to delete the personal data we hold online.


Access, correct and delete data

If you wish to access and/or correct and/or delete the information you provide online, please provide us with personally identifiable information, such as member account number, name and email information, etc. Please make your request in writing:



Modify privacy policy

The Company may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time and publish it on our website.

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